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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What's it really mean to dream?

This is one in a series of posts in which Trish attempts to dissect the purpose and meaning of dreaming; of looking beyond what is to what if~
 Working my way towards the answer myself....

I'm risking.
I'm tossing my dreams out there.
Not to get responses. Not to hear the naysayers-neither the

I'm dreaming in pen and ink so I can see it
so I can live it
And so I can be it.
I may fail.
But I don't care.
I will have tried; and become something more than myself right now for having done so.
I may succeed. And ironically the same theory stands: I don't care.
I will have tried, and become something more than myself right now for having done so.

What's your big dream?-No.
What's your biggest dream?
The one tucked into the back pocket of your heart; protected from others' sight but held close to your consciousness?
The one that makes your breath catch and your heart quicken and yet....
stops you up and makes you question your sanity.
struggles against the you, you are now.
stretches to be let free; and you are not sure if it is supposed to live in you so much as escape and go find its true home?!

Are you really enough to support something so big, so rich, so beyond?!

What is that dream?
Can you say it aloud?
Can you share it aloud?
What would happen if you did?
What will happen if you don't?
Are you willing to risk it?
And, which is riskier? doing, or not?
in love. trish

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