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Random babbling on the creative spirit~painting, sewing, baking, boys, an irresistable God and the next 200 feet~

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

clearing the cobwebs!

They've been collecting around the edges; in the nooks and crannies-along the seams and joints. I could see them collecting but was helpless to do anything about them!
I detest messiness.
I can rarely tolerate a meals' collection of dishes in the sink and begrudgingly turn a blind eye to a weeks worth of dust.
So it's no big surprise that I find myself more and more annoyed by the collection of cobwebs across my blogger!
The poor place hasn't been truly attended to in many a month. It's amazing how neglected it can become so very quickly! The spiders joyfully have moved in and taken up residence in this little-touched window~
So today, I am cleaning blog! I've blown away the top web of unuse and am plucking away at the depth of collected neglect as I type.

Please note; this neglect hasn't been a response of laziness.
It is rather, due to my attention being strongly drawn elsewhere!
to teaching; traveling; to encausticamp and encaustikits. To pbsartist site development (talk about neglect! whew!) and to much needed personal work development.
These have all been very commendable distractions mind you, but distractions nonetheles that have kept me from my much loved posting passion :)
so I determine to make it a top priority for awhile. With big things looming and bringing my thoughts and heart to these contemplatioins, I will have much to express in these 'pages'.

What things you say?!
I am coming up on my one year anniversary; yes, I've been married a year. Wowzers what a ride it's been.
EncaustiCamp is looming on the horizon just a mere 5 weeks away.
I've been busy painting an adorable mural for the nursery at my church.
My two middle boys are taking off for a walkabout in Australia in just 15 days.
And, my oldest, the one in Hawaii pursuing his life's direction, turns 21 on the closing day of EncaustiCamp :)
It can't be missed that the youngest, and my step daughter are absent from this list of doings and coming ups. Thankfully! They are both, knock on wood!, busy just being where they are right now; soon to be sophomore and senior in high school.
So one by one I'll work my way through all these happenings; dissecting, discerning and diliberately sharing with all of you.
Sometimes it is easier to just live in these things and plow through to the next. I've been a victim of this get-er-done living my whole life and I've intentionally committed to taking time to be thankful, contemplate what's come to pass before looking forward to what's to come and sharing in the thanksgiving with whomever it applies.

So I return. I'll step back, breathe deep and let life percolate. Then I'll let it all spill out onto these pages and come together as the story of me; of my last year and coming months anyway!
And, I'll clear away these nasty ol' cobwebs! :) in love. trish

Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch

That's better! Added new gallery and wanted to share ;)
just paint
Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch

new gallery!

I am sharing my newest gallery addition to the pbsartist.com site; just paint! Enjoy the yummies~ http://art.artandutility.com/~pbsartis/just-paint
in love. trish

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sharing! Thank you C,P,S once again!!!!!

Encaustic Tips from the Pros

Encaustic art by Crystal Neubauer
Encaustic art is hot right now (sorry, couldn't resist the pun), with many people (including me), hopping on the beeswax bandwagon.

I'm captivated by the encaustic collage process and the results it produces, and I've been experimenting at home with fabric, papers, and found objects. I'm a very visual learner; I like to see how-tos and examples of results so I can see what I'm aiming for and try out ideas from there.

So I've been reviewing encaustic technique articles from past issues of Cloth Paper Scissors to get some ideas and pick up some tips.

Here are some of my favorites:

From Patricia Gaignat's “Two Beeswax Books” article in the January/February 2009 issue:
Dedicate some brushes to [the encaustic] process. They won't have to be cleaned, ever; just let the wax harden and the next time they are used, lay them in the skillet and the wax will melt.
Encaustic will not adhere to acrylic paint, gesso, or Plexiglas®.
If a collage element looks wrong, just melt the surface a bit and, using a tweezers, lift off the element and smooth the surface with a tacking iron. Alternatively, scrape off the surface with an old credit card or a palette knife.

Encaustic art by Patricia Seggebruch
From Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch's “Encaustic Collage” article in the January/February 2010 issue:

Put large amounts of wax in printmaker's tins and place them on the palette (griddle) to melt the wax. This way, you will have plenty of melted wax at the ready.

To add color to incised lines, rub pigment stick over them liberally, then rub off the excess on the surface with a paper towel.

From Crystal Neubauer in “Artist to Artist” in the January/February 2010 issue:

Experiment with vintage papers. Brilliant colors can become dull or lose their color under the wax and text can be lost; other times, they can be nicely preserved.

Don't overheat the wax or the canvas. Overheating can darken the paper and turn the wax yellow.
When I first read these articles, I enjoyed them objectively, as an editor, and aesthetically, as a viewer of art. But I thought encaustic was too complicated to try myself.

Funny how things can change. Now these articles are my constant studio companions. That's why I love to keep back issues of my favorite inspirational magazines. You never know what might interest you the second time around.

If you're missing these back issues, you can get them and many others right now for a great price during our back issue sale. The table of contents is listed for each one, so you can review it and see what you might have overlooked the first time.

What are your best encaustic tips? Do you have questions for more experienced wax artists? Leave a comment or ask a question on the Cloth Paper Scissors Today blog.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

i finally did it

My oldest son has been prompting me, pleading with me, damanding of me!, that I update my personal art website for YEARS now! It has been, admittedly, tremendously out of date. Without the necessary knowledge to change it myself, or the cash flow to justify the cost of updating it, I continued, year after year, to just ignore it and fell to using my blog for updated work. It was somewhat effective and I continued to go this route until Karon Leigh told me about Icompendium. My eyes have been forever opened to beautiful, effective, art-supporting webdevelopment 'template' design site building! I got this site going from square one and was able to not only do it myself, but when an issue came up or I wanted to tweek something to personalize it, the administrator (site creator!) answered my emails near-immediately with easy to follow instructions on how to achieve my desired look. I. Love. IT! Just what web development should be :) kudos and more kudos. God bless this web developer and you will all see much, much more of my current work, offerings and creations! in love. trish