A random babbling on creative spirits-

Random babbling on the creative spirit~painting, sewing, baking, boys, an irresistable God and the next 200 feet~

Monday, September 28, 2009

penny bowl

You know those dishes at coffee counters, copy shops, ice cream parlors? Meant to drop a penny into, or take one out, as it is needed?
I've been seeing relationships like these penny bowls as of late. Dropping pennies in the form of time, talent and energy, into them; taking these out where needed. I drop a penny into my sisters bowl by scheduling much needed time together. Drop another by being downstairs with Patrick in the morning because he has suggested this is a comfort. Pick one up as my own in receiving an unexpected ecard from a long distance friend. Yet another in having my sister in law say she'll drive 1 1/2 hours to spend time with me when I am in California this week.
My bowl never goes empty. There are always pennies to be taken, graciously, when anyone in need reaches out. It has gone light on occasion; the needs of others leaving just a few scattered coins at the bottom. Yet I have never been left penniless-more always get dropped in to refurbish the supply. Because of this I trust in the relationships I've built and hold on to the value of them to carry more weight than any padded wallet can provide.
I hope to always have a full bowl: To offer a penny when ever and where ever it will round out someone's life. Having pennies to share and make available to those in need of this small help is what makes the daily transactions in life worthwhile and compounds them with interest into great living. Something as small as a penny; so valuable. in love. trish.

Friday, September 25, 2009

chutney love revisited

Remember that chutney stuff I went nuts on a few months ago?! (chutney love july 28th) I ate some for the first time today....
oh, it is so good!

homemade WW spice bread
homemade goats milk feta (soft)
green apple chutney
blueberry chutney
not so pretty but oh, so, so good :)
in love. trish

Thursday, September 24, 2009

artist in residence

I've received word that I will be an artist in resident in February 2010. To say I am excited is an understatement! That only hits one small emotion tumbling around in my blood!
A residency has been in my sights for many years; I view it as a pinnacle-a peak scaled upon which I post my personal flag and give a toast to in thanksgiving. As an artist it seems to be a thing of professional success; that extra little gem on the resume.
Like publishing my book before it, a residency holds a public level of recognition and validation. On a personal level the book and residency offer me the joy of achievement- opportunity to realize the value of my gift-a place to post my flag and say 'yes! I've been here!' On both public and private levels I am forced to realize and believe that I am accepted. That in this little bit of the world in which I've chosen to walk, I have made a place for myself and it is a good thing. A very good thing. Heady-big stuff. One can walk a fine line between humility and pride in this life! Humility being a blessed thing-if not worn like a scar; pride carrying its own wisdom-in the control of potential misuse.
This award frightens me as well; just slightly less than the book contract did :) Am I truly at the level that this honor bestows? Is my simply joy and pleasure in painting, writing and sharing enough to warrant this treasured gift of recognition? How did this simple distraction from the pull of the rest of my life morph into the meat and potatoes of my being?
The publication of the book had me in a quandary of questioning self worth. I doubted my own gift and its place in such a huge and public place as a published periodical! Who was I, after all, but a simple mom; a seeking soul; a self taught passionate painter? Who was I to align my name with those who have become experts-go to sources of inspiration and wisdom for others-no matter how grand or obscure the area of expertise?
While the actual production of this book, and the subsequent DVD, still give me pause and cause discomfort, I have settled my soul to accept that I can give this. That I can scribe my name across the title page and smile when thanks tumbles my way. But it did not come easily. I have learned this acceptance by realizing God doesn't make mistakes. I dare not question the gifts He has fitted me with and set me out to share with the world!
When I look to this residency and begin to doubt my worth in receiving it, I remind myself of this fact. And I look to find the place in it that is mine to share. The thing of it that will propel me to the next place that I am supposed to be in this life.
So I accept that it is mine. I will live it 110% and share it 200 times 200 over. With humility I will share where I can. With pride I will give thanks for His using me to deliver this gift. in love. trish.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

one of these things is not like the others....

Or I could title this 'where's waldo?!'
Having more fun in the studio. While not strickly done; I am thinking I have to play in these some more, I had to photograph the piles and pass along the yummy :)
in love. trish

Sunday, September 20, 2009

frantic quiet

Perhaps this is an oxymoron. Perhaps to be quiet and frantic at the same time is not possible. Yet I am: quietly frantic. Frantically quiet.
Frantic implies a bit of anxiety; angst. I can't deny it, there is an element of this in my days. I'd like to be more precise and call it 'busy' but that distinction is over used and quite frankly, it doesn't carry enough weight. So it is frantic I use-even though the quiet is hit only by moments of this; the rest punctuated by consistent motion. Sometimes forward motion, sometimes the proverbial 'one step back', but motion that keeps things moving along and carries me forward all the same.
I don't feel alone in this quiet and quite frankly I am not. There is Patrick. There is the comforting regularity of the first in the morning phone call from my sister. There are text messages to make me smile. Heart filling music to keep me stalwart. New discoveries and acquaintances creating in me a sense of grounding and peace-replacing old fear and doubt that has been present in this quiet in the past.
Hours, days and sometimes weeks can be like that: quiet. I think of it as a silence as well. The muse is using some of its allotted vacation time and is no longer present to whisper in my ear. God is at the drawing board working over a new discovery for my life. My soul passion has taken a time out to visit the spa and refresh.
I know everyone feels the invasion of them: the quiet silences. Accepting each as a gentle moment~or fearfully approaching them with angst; as often, if not more so, than I. I've come to believe that the quiet is the stretch of flat landing before the next step illuminates. These landings are invaluable and necessary in order to climb at a pace that is designed for ones' self. Each person having shorter or longer landings; deeper or more shallow steps; wider or more narrow stairways.
So I'm on a landing. Being quiet. Working through the business of my art, reading enlightening words that carry my heart and open my soul. Listening to the voice of this soul as it speaks to my doings. Accomplishing much resisted and put off closure. The quiet is helping me recognize the step up ahead and approach it with confidence, recognition and strength.
With hope that I will continue to see all of my next step clearly~in love. trish.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

one month until Colorado!

I will be in Fort ,Colorado in just one month to teach a weekend of wax splashing!
Encaustic Extravaganza
Saturday Oct17 and Sunday Oct 18. Join me and have some fun with wax!!!!
in love. trish.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

my DVD!

It's here! Come have fun in wax with me :) in love. trish.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

therapy baking

I've mentioned in the past that I bake to process and ponder. I found myself doing just this recently as I rolled around in boy stuff! Coming out on the other side-with a whole lot of cookies!
Three batches and counting, all with interesting variations, emerged from the quandary-along with a smile and a calmer demeanor ;)
in love. trish

Chocolate dipped brandy snaps
6 T butter
1/2 c sugar
1/3 c dark corn syrup
1 t cinnamon
1/2 t ginger(substitute cardamom)
1 c flour
1 c choc chips
1 T shortening
Melt and blend butter, sugar and corn syrup in a saucepan until sugar dissolves. Add cinnamon, ginger and flour and stir to blend. Drop teaspoonfuls onto ungreased baking pan, no less than 3" apart, and bake at 325 degrees for 12-14 minutes or until dark caramel colored. Remove and allow to cool for about two minutes then roll onto the handle of a wooden spoon and cool completely on a wire rack. Melt chocolate chips and shortening in a microwave safe bowl. Dip cooled snaps or drizzle onto snaps. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

super minis

Hmmmm....the studio shrinks so my paintings shrink?!....
Having too much fun ;)
in love. trish.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

brian starts

Okemos High School varsity, Okemos, MI-game opener. Starter, Defensive tackle.

Getting in there!

Yes, I think he may be texting on the field....

Number 65.

In love. trish.
Photo credits: Daniel Seggebruch ;)

Friday, September 4, 2009


'The small man spends all day making cages for everyone he knows while the wise man, who must duck his head when the moon is low, spends all night dropping keys to free the beautiful rowdy prisoners.'

I am wonder-fully touched by those born to live dropping keys each and every day of their lives. I am transfixed by their ease in being slow to anger and quick to assist-seeming to hold no fear in their head nor refrain in their heart. They delve into giving of themselves in all they do with no need for repayment. Thanks seems to be rendered simply in the fulfillment of assistance given.
On the flip side there are many who will offer this same assistance, it would seem, yet keep score and develop a log of payments due for each and every offering. And to this small man, if payback is not rendered in a timely manner, and to the degree they alone think is adequate, repercussions are often deliberate and damaging.

My dad drops keys. Discerning individuals even get the gift of delicately rendered golden keys. He requires nothing in return, yet one has to ask what can possible be granted in thanksgiving!? In contemplating my own life and what I would like to see of it, I think he would accept gratitude shown through optimally living to the extent of my own personal passions' allowance. Just living fully. A simplicity that may stump many in the world as not nearly worthy enough repayment. Yet so very sensical to those who do the key dropping. Just. simply. live. fully. This is thanksgiving at its best.
He has taught me this lesson of key dropping over and over again in my days. In small measures: From walking me through an oil change in my Civic as a bright eyed teen to the insurmountably gifted ribbon tied gold key; lending me desperately needed funds which carried me through to the other side of anguish. The everyday blessings he bestows just by accepting and accepting and once again accepting me-missteps and all, are my keys to living fully and honestly by my own heart.

Everyone has at least one key dropper in their life. The person so generous and genuine that their shine causes us to spread our wings to their widest span and fill our satchels with keys to disperse ourselves. My dad gives me the deep desire to take up my own accumulated storehouse, fill my pockets and share them with the world; imprisoned or not-each of us needs freeing sometimes. If only from the repetitive tasks in a heavy day. So I will strive to give keys to each and everyone I touch-at my father's example. Take it up; hold it squarely in your palm-with tenderness feel the gift it is and pass it on. Drop your own keys.

To the small man, live as you do and answer keylessly at the door of heaven. To the wise man, and my moon brushing giant of a father, live heaven every day. in love. trish.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

heart wisdom

'give your body credit for it's own innate wisdom'
What does this statement mean to you?
It has been a guiding force for me over the past few years; and grows stronger each day I live by its conviction.
Because of changes I hadn't scripted into the dialog of my life, I was, blessedly, forced to actually listen to my body's signals and wisdom. You know the ones, those small changes in heart rate, sense of unease in the gut, pressure in your heart that if ignored can grow and fester?! Living from this listening place has been amazing: life altering and self actuating~sending me down paths I hadn't recognize as mine to take in years past.
Listening to your own bodies' signal in response to communication, societal expectations, parental dictum's and even heartfelt, lovingly directed suggestions instead of reacting with your minds' interpretation of these forces can be the difference between living and dying. Truly. The day I turned on the choice to do this listening is the day I unconsciously chose to live. No dramatizing-just truth. To make this choice and move forward in self awareness began a journey toward fully living in the best of who I am. And in that, I made the choice to live. No longer settling for struggle. No longer getting sick, desperately so sometimes, and ignoring the reason for its development in the first place. No longer blindly tripping after anothers' direction. No longer accepting the assumed wisdom of anothers' insights over my own truth telling sense and God given abilities.
I thank God for creating in me a powerful passion directing my feet: One so strong that it broke through this living in fear, worry and anxiety and ignited my own passions' dormant flame; feeding it to bonfire proportions. Guidance can come in the strangest way and under the most seemingly impossible directives sometimes.
There are those who have accused me of being a dreamer; striving for unrealistic possibilities; foolishly believing in passionate filled doing over strife filled determination. To their way I can no longer step. In their thinking I can no longer abide. I simply say yes. Absolutely yes! And forever always saying yes to this~I take the accusation willingly and remain true to it every day: I no longer have ears to listen-only heart to hear.
'There are some who will go their entire lives and not live a single day. She did not choose to be one of them.' in love. trish