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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

heart wisdom

'give your body credit for it's own innate wisdom'
What does this statement mean to you?
It has been a guiding force for me over the past few years; and grows stronger each day I live by its conviction.
Because of changes I hadn't scripted into the dialog of my life, I was, blessedly, forced to actually listen to my body's signals and wisdom. You know the ones, those small changes in heart rate, sense of unease in the gut, pressure in your heart that if ignored can grow and fester?! Living from this listening place has been amazing: life altering and self actuating~sending me down paths I hadn't recognize as mine to take in years past.
Listening to your own bodies' signal in response to communication, societal expectations, parental dictum's and even heartfelt, lovingly directed suggestions instead of reacting with your minds' interpretation of these forces can be the difference between living and dying. Truly. The day I turned on the choice to do this listening is the day I unconsciously chose to live. No dramatizing-just truth. To make this choice and move forward in self awareness began a journey toward fully living in the best of who I am. And in that, I made the choice to live. No longer settling for struggle. No longer getting sick, desperately so sometimes, and ignoring the reason for its development in the first place. No longer blindly tripping after anothers' direction. No longer accepting the assumed wisdom of anothers' insights over my own truth telling sense and God given abilities.
I thank God for creating in me a powerful passion directing my feet: One so strong that it broke through this living in fear, worry and anxiety and ignited my own passions' dormant flame; feeding it to bonfire proportions. Guidance can come in the strangest way and under the most seemingly impossible directives sometimes.
There are those who have accused me of being a dreamer; striving for unrealistic possibilities; foolishly believing in passionate filled doing over strife filled determination. To their way I can no longer step. In their thinking I can no longer abide. I simply say yes. Absolutely yes! And forever always saying yes to this~I take the accusation willingly and remain true to it every day: I no longer have ears to listen-only heart to hear.
'There are some who will go their entire lives and not live a single day. She did not choose to be one of them.' in love. trish

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