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Random babbling on the creative spirit~painting, sewing, baking, boys, an irresistable God and the next 200 feet~

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jerry's Artarama 2010-1st edition

If you went looking for me last weekend you'd have found me in Raleigh, North Carolina. My goal in seeking teaching venues for 2010 was not exclusive to locations I was familiar with: Sure I'm returning to Oregon, Northern California and Colorado-when you find a good thing, stick with it! But, even more than bringing innovative encaustic creativity to these enthusiastically supportive venues, my goal was to branch out to states, cities and venues I haven't yet brought the goodness of encaustic to!
Raleigh, North Carolina-specifically Jerry's Artarama-was just such a place.
Expecting nothing less than a great experience, I received an over the top gracious welcome and eager reception by the entire staff-not just the event coordinator.
Despite a three hour delay in Baltimore, Sharon and Joe DiJiulio picked me up at the airport at 11:30pm and whisked me back to their home to indulge in their private studio space before fully engaging in Jerry's. What a delicious bonus! Inspiration abounds in unexpected places~

After three days of excited encaustic indulgence, I was returned from whence I came with ideas flowing and enthusiast contagion! As a result of this special connecting and experimenting at Jerry's I have two unplanned additions to my 2010 repertoire: This Friday I am taking a quick over night to Ontario (since I just happen to be investing in a 10 day trip to Michigan and its a mere 5 hours away :) to play in wax and new stuff with Emily Block at her shop and workshop space, Stamping Bella-www.stampingbella.com. Emily and her cohort Sheryl attended the three day at Jerry's and I do believe I've hooked at least these two new encaustic addicts :)

And, due to my stalker-like love of Ampersand and R & F, I connected with the powers that be at these companies, tied the afor mentioned event coordinator into the mix, and have since confirmed my attendance at this November's Art of the Carolinas: a four day indulgence in all things art hosted by Jerry's Artarama in Raleigh. www.jerrysartevents.com/artofca20.html
Look for me to be fully exhausted yet glowing and smiling as I depart a second time this year from Raleigh-Durham. I intend to give that tri-city area a full dose of the goodness of encaustic and all that R&F and Ampersand are about! Look for new product, demos galore and indulgent workshop opportunities.....in love. trish!

Monday, May 24, 2010

okemos, michigan

I'm back. Returned to the place that six years ago I watched recede in the read view mirror-bidding it adui and good riddance. I don't understand it, but can identify with the concept: My guys think this place is da'bomb. Given their druthers, and yes, they have the option to choose, they would, and have decided, that this place is their home. So, I return because this is where a large part of my heart resides in these inexplicable 'druthers' of my boys.
Patrick and I flew in late Saturday night; the only last minute flight I could book after originally planning to get here next Friday for a quick graduation weekend. This added week was precipitated by Daniel's confirmation of a prom date :) So,even though we missed the kick-off photo session and bidding them have a great night, Daniel and Becca were gracious enough to swing by our hotel at 2am Sunday to show off their still-dapper dress-up clothes. (I got pictures after all! Just forgot my computer attachment so they aren't showing up here :(
After a fitful 4 hours of sleep, Patrick and I headed to the buffet breakfast, swimming pool and spa before I took off to check out what midMichigan had to offer in the way of Sunday morning service.
We took advantage of the East Lansing Art Fair weekend and Brian, Patrick and I tooled around the vendor booths admiring the work before seeking made-to-order burritos at the local hangout.
After returning them to their house, jumping on Conner and Daniel's beds to say hello and leaving behind a batch of homemade cookies, I set off by myself-leaving them to their father and boy-bonding.

It was a wistful first day. I expected an emotional charge, but now know I was in some serious denial as to the degree of voltage!
As I enter into this second of 9 days, I do it with a tighter grip, a prepared mind, and an open heart for what God is directing me to learn, face and invest in this extended gift of time with the guys on their home turf.
The country radio station pipes out local news and advertisments that pull up memories of home past-I am tending my spirit and countenance-holding fast to what is the me since departing this place. Confident in faith~in love. trish

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

more and more and more!

I've been in a heavy doing phase for about two weeks now. It feels wonderful-working in the studio developing new ideas and play in my medium. This doing has been paired with an intensely driven contact-making agenda: Touching base with sidelined connections, rethreading stitches in the fabric of my past to quilt together a warm future.
When I walk my days in this frame of mind I find that there just aren't enough hours in the day. I awake by 4am (oh so late!)each day, delve into my devotions and journaling before busting it on the treadmill or street and getting Patrick off to school. The wax can not get going fast enough nor the computer QUIRTY-ing rapidly enough! I continue working through a no-plate-painting-while-I'm-eating lunch, straight through to dinner which does not involve anything time consuming as I have to get at some reading and more research before shutting down for as long as my eyes will stay closed (1:30am this morning!) to begin it again! It is fabulous. The synergy of everything working together to make sense, look like something authentic, feel honest and forward moving, can not be denied. It's not that things aren't real or authentic when I am not in this flow of doing, its that they are just that much more real and sparkly and bright and glowing-hot when I am in the doing! Woohoo!
I know it wont last forever. I wont keep up this pace for much longer before entering into a heavy sigh of satisfaction, slowing the heart rate and entering into a contemplative regrouping. My home and family will thank me: I begin to clean again. I begin to give again. I begin to make nutritionally balanced food worthy of consumption once again.
It's cyclical: I've begun to recognize and accept this about myself. I work in rhythms. It's been amazing to own up to this reality and live in it freely rather than resist it to try to move to anothers' drum beat. Life works at this pace. Imagine that. Life flows when I move to my own rhythm and follow my own life's thread. Imagine that. in love! trish

Thursday, May 6, 2010

test for testimony

three years ago walking
dog barking
dog running
towards me~
frozen unmoving
today walking
dogs barking
dogs running
towards me~
fear gone
pitched from the rooms
thrown from the windows
filled in with

a blazingly enlightened moment of recognition and realization. my testimony.
in love! trish

Monday, May 3, 2010


New workshop posted for Missoula Montana!!!!