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Random babbling on the creative spirit~painting, sewing, baking, boys, an irresistable God and the next 200 feet~

Monday, May 24, 2010

okemos, michigan

I'm back. Returned to the place that six years ago I watched recede in the read view mirror-bidding it adui and good riddance. I don't understand it, but can identify with the concept: My guys think this place is da'bomb. Given their druthers, and yes, they have the option to choose, they would, and have decided, that this place is their home. So, I return because this is where a large part of my heart resides in these inexplicable 'druthers' of my boys.
Patrick and I flew in late Saturday night; the only last minute flight I could book after originally planning to get here next Friday for a quick graduation weekend. This added week was precipitated by Daniel's confirmation of a prom date :) So,even though we missed the kick-off photo session and bidding them have a great night, Daniel and Becca were gracious enough to swing by our hotel at 2am Sunday to show off their still-dapper dress-up clothes. (I got pictures after all! Just forgot my computer attachment so they aren't showing up here :(
After a fitful 4 hours of sleep, Patrick and I headed to the buffet breakfast, swimming pool and spa before I took off to check out what midMichigan had to offer in the way of Sunday morning service.
We took advantage of the East Lansing Art Fair weekend and Brian, Patrick and I tooled around the vendor booths admiring the work before seeking made-to-order burritos at the local hangout.
After returning them to their house, jumping on Conner and Daniel's beds to say hello and leaving behind a batch of homemade cookies, I set off by myself-leaving them to their father and boy-bonding.

It was a wistful first day. I expected an emotional charge, but now know I was in some serious denial as to the degree of voltage!
As I enter into this second of 9 days, I do it with a tighter grip, a prepared mind, and an open heart for what God is directing me to learn, face and invest in this extended gift of time with the guys on their home turf.
The country radio station pipes out local news and advertisments that pull up memories of home past-I am tending my spirit and countenance-holding fast to what is the me since departing this place. Confident in faith~in love. trish

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