A random babbling on creative spirits-

Random babbling on the creative spirit~painting, sewing, baking, boys, an irresistable God and the next 200 feet~

Sunday, February 21, 2010

sitka center for art and ecology residency

Yes, I'm working in multiple mediums...not doing mending!

Blogging hasn't come easily lately; you've noticed you say?! Honestly-I've felt like I've been sharing my heartaches more than anything else. Yet recently I came to realize that it isn't the heartaches I'm spilling in these pages, as much as the growth and learning that's occured as a result of them, so I am back at it! Accepting my 'voice', come what may, and spilling my heart, aka guts!, to these posts. :)

So for now, welcome back! To me, to you, to accepting this voice, to not withholding and to responding to what is mine alone to give. I wont always get it right, yea duh, but sometimes that's the fun-figuring out what went wrong and making adjustments to walk most honestly.

And where am I now you ask?! Physically-in Otis, Oregon. Nestled into the pines at the mouth of the Salmon River as it finds its entry into the Pacific Ocean. Pausing and painting on a nugget of less than an acre of land dedicated to furthering the arts and ecology of this amazing bit of creation: Sitkacenter.org.

Blessed by this swiftly disappearing two week residency-among five other artists who have planted themselves for almost four months, I am sucking the marrow out of every minute. 312 hours; a mere 18720 minutes. Math skills aside, it is fleeting!

With Patrick tucked safely under my mother's wing, I left home after just eight days back from my twelve day workshop whirlwind through Texas. He has officially become a teenager-he's more enraptured with having me gone than home.

The first night here found heavy coastal rains pummeling the roof of my austere residence. Tracking large amounts of pine needles into what would be my home for two weeks was unavoidable as I unpacked everything to sustain me for the duration. A bundle of tulips from a friend; photographs of the boys to perch on the table; my pile of books stacking haphazardly beside the bed; a small plastic frog entrusted to me by my sister. This 20'x20' is redolent of Trish.

Sitka headmasters Eric Vines and Jalene Case graciously afforded me exclusive use of the vaulted ceilinged, worn wood floored, ocean view space of Boyden Studio to set up shop. After that first night of pelting rain, deeply warming sun has pervaded and walking to the distant sound of crashing waves in the early morning light has been heart lifting-(if not shin splinting! there are HILLS here!) To deny God in this place is irrefutably impossible.

The wax warms, my sewing machine hums, the burning tool glows red: I am intent on filling every ounce of my time. With the obvious lack of daily distraction, or maybe in spite of the tremendous temporal distraction, I've set about each day to indulgent design and creativity.

Where Texas was about intense sharing, connection and expansion, Sitka is proving to be about creativity, introspection and self awareness. Two opposites it would seem; back to back on the calendar, brimming my soul with needed totality. I found it easy to turn down an invitation to indulge in fresh-dug mussels and red wine as I explained my deep desire to remain reflective and creatively committed (just about my favorite meal mind you...)

Saturday afternoon found me taking my first official break as I hiked the headlands. After breathtaking inclines and multiple wood plank bridge crossings, I traversed a high meadow to view the awesome Pacific Ocean as the Salmon River spills into it. Vistas all the way to Lincoln City's beaches-and feeling as if I could see up to the Puget Sound, I couldn't help but smile upwards in thanksgiving. It blows my mind to be moving in the blessings of this life: Harmoniously listening to His directives and fluidly praying my dreams back. A day without goosebumps is rare any more. Yes, even in the pain. (Shoot, I currently have a head cold and miss my boys with an ache that feels like it has teeth sunk into it.) And yet, this was one of the super goosebumpy days. God's grace is amazing. Grabbing hold and going-in love. trish.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

yes, I'm back!

Wow. What an amazing time. I can blame it on Texas, but in truth, the overwhelming joy and thrilled geeking comes from the people I connected with!
Dallas was a blast-thank you Bonnie and Deanna for creating a wonderful space to expand encaustic indulgence! www.theencausticcenter.om
In Austin, thank you thank you thank you Ampersand Art and its queen bee (beeswax reference intentional!) Elaine for an exceptional taste of what they are all about and their dedication to doing good works! BONUS INFO: Ampersand is developing an encaustibord in collaboration with R&F! Can it get any better?!!!! www.ampersandart.com
And San Antonio...wowzers. What a great bunch. They survived four days of me after I'd come from 6 days of travel and teaching through their northern statesmen and I think they still love me :) I can't say enough, so at this time I must choose to say too little. In a nutshell, blessings to all and thank you for the blessings back. www.texaswax.com (michelle belto specifically)
I'm spoiling Patrick with my presence all this week before heading off again for a residency in Oregon. I'll write from their and give everyone an update on my travails!
And, if any of you Texas attendees are reading this, PICTURES PLEASE! I can't do your state good service without photos from the workshops:P
in love. trish.