A random babbling on creative spirits-

Random babbling on the creative spirit~painting, sewing, baking, boys, an irresistable God and the next 200 feet~

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

day 25

come near to me 
Significant as I get closer to home; off to Northern California today...home in 6 days after 27 away....in love. trish.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

day 24

delicious edge
I had to do another 'unfinished' close up. I love this stuff I've been compelled to work with lately...and look forward to sharing in the months to come, when 'finished' can be attached to the lot :)
in love. trish

Friday, November 25, 2011

day 22

a little weirdness today; this is my painting, but its the work of my graphic designer putting it into a button for me :) rachel kalous is 'dabomb :)
in love. trish

4 hours~

of walking on Thanksgiving. 
I visited the tourist areas, I saw flea markets with things that made me smile.
and trinkets that brought back memories from another life.
and trained hands busily working the effusive sand into fabulously, fragile masterpieces.
I walked along a long stretch of well cared for beach front
with Senor Frog and his friends harkening to the pocket books on one side, 
and patina'd, weathered sculptures and  bright gardens holding court 
before sandy beach and ocean on the other.

And I didn't take pictures...
I imagine these places are cataloged into thousands of trip journals and portfolios throughout the world.
I didn't take pictures until I began to get lost in the streets and stairs of the city.
And then I couldn't stop 
at the marvel and wonder of what the PV'ers get to experience every day if they choose to. 
The architecture is a wonder and delight.
And grounding. 
I walked for four hours.
And found my feet again~
in love. trish

Thursday, November 24, 2011

day 21

up close and personal
 a camera shot of one tiny corner of a large painting I am working on...I just feel like over exposing today....
in love. trish

dirt roads and derelict......home

Yes,  I walked a lot again yesterday, Wednesday. I did so intentionally; asking my ride to the mission to pick me up in town rather than in front of the Hacienda.
I am glad I did, as I knew I would be.
In the end, whether enlightened or not, I just like walking :)
But I think God intentionally set up a huge discongruent picture for me~
The cruise ships arrive; I thought I'd taken a photo of them in port as well, but then I remembered I was too disgusted to do so....

just me and my shadow~on a pretty, early morning beach

a no longer useful all inclusive :P

starbucks, PV style

more starbucks~

an incoming all inclusive; all the rage here, understandably, I guess~
more all inclusive...
setting a serious stage for personal dismembering of all preconceived notions not just about poverty and life in third world countries, but also about my own passions and purposes. 

side yard

bible study




the path to school...just across the ravine

the playground
lived in, but yes, under construction

home. yes, it's finished, not under construction as I naively asked... 

the view from the village...slice of heaven?
I have said more than I thought I would this morning; feeling like there's just no way to express where I am.
And there's not.
And I don't just mean the physical location of me.
But I trust God's way.
He maps my run.
I know he's got something up his proverbial sleeve and has got one doozie of a life lesson coming my way.
I arise fearfully expectant after a comatosed 9 hours of sleep
and a weary awakening with an indistinguishable broken heart...
Where I laid down in disgusted, pathetic tears, I awake realizing I can smile still.

God is so good.
in love. trish.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

day 20

 final of the three in the commissioned series ;) I do love the trees. oh i do love the burn! sent from Mexico, don'tcha know :) in love. trish

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

PV walking....

God is having me walk. A lot. I've always walked; determinately for the past seven years. I have begun to pay close attention to the walking... and what it might mean in a bigger, more profound way than just the physical benefits of it on my body....but that's for a later posting :)
Yesterday I walked again. Physically through PV~
Through the 'compound' that is the wonderment of the lodging I've gotten to stay at~
                                                       entrance way to the enclave!
stairway to one of three studios
my cozy bed
and awesome shower!
one of many cool sculptures
the entrance way from the inside :)
view of the pool and off to the right is the outdoor kitchen~
largest, outdoor studio
another view~
most pathways are mosaic'ed by the owner :)
once of several tucked away seating areas
piggies; photoed for my patrick :)
another seating area
tropical; yes, it's tropical here :)
more mosaic path ways

and then things I passed on my way around town, and ultimately to the mega mart :) Interesting foods at WalMart will have to wait until Wednesday's tour!

perhaps I'll even take photos of the bull fighting arena on day three....

 My lodging is an inexplicably delightful oasis here in PV in which I get to indulge; just through making contact with an old contact. 
Never met, never actually talked; just emailed in past lives so long ago. But a quick remembrance of her and a short email and voila! here I am-my lodging while on this short trip. Pretty darn diggidy :)
If you are unfamiliar with Hacienda Mosaico I highly recommend you check it out.
If you teach, plan to host a workshop here. If you learn, plan to come here to indulge in a truly unique art experience. I wish I'd taken photos of my breakfast...it was amazing...I ate bacon. Whew; glad that's off my chest :)
For me, this is my landing pad, and my purpose is outside it's walls. :) So today I go out again; to walk. And to see what I find on my way to where I am going~
The promises are only actuated and realized when you do the walking~
in love. trish.