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Random babbling on the creative spirit~painting, sewing, baking, boys, an irresistable God and the next 200 feet~

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

just like a lion

There's a popular story that's circulated over the years about a young boy visiting a sculptures studio and marveling at how very life-like he was able to render the image of a lion in stone.
The sculptor explained to the boy that it was an easy process; he simply chipped away at everything that wasn't the lion.
And so are we.
the stone.

God works on us daily, chipping away at the willing and righteous heart, to come to look, act and be more  like Jesus.
Painful? Sometimes unexpectedly revealing? Always an adventure?
You bet!
I say it with a bit of excitement and even anticipation....

To want pain?!
To want unexpected?!
To want adventure?! (Okay, that one's more believable...)

Yes; I want, with excitement and anticipation, all those things.

Because you see, it's not the pain of injury or heartbreak or devastation,
but the pain of growth, pushing boundaries and taking the road less traveled.

But there's a key; not just any road less traveled-the one designed exclusively, with all the road signs and directional maps labeled and scripted in your own name by the one who designed the best course, the optimal path, the perfect travel plan-just for you.

And, one just right for me.
And, for the next door neighbor.
And the best friend.
Everyone, actually.
For each, a most perfect plan.
Hand designed and sculpted from the great designer himself.

I know, you want to scoff: Don't go yet though.
You see, I used to be you.
A scoffer.
I believed, but I didn't follow.
And I didn't trust.
And I certainly didn't make any decisions other than my own.
And I was miserable.
Completely lacking in confidence, direction and purpose.
I bet you can see me clearly.....

Oh I looked okay.
A book contract. An up and coming teaching schedule. The start of a great career and four beautiful teenage boys.
But I was a mess on the inside.
You know, the preverbial 'broken' place.
I was there.

And I found out it wasn't the end. The bottom. the 'all there is'~
It was the beginning.
The starting block.
The sculptor's worktable.

And I began to be formed.
Sculpted if you will.
Parts of me were salvageable; the teaching, the writing, the inspiring.
But there was more to be done.

And I asked for it~

That's another key; a willing heart.
You have to say 'Okay! I'm all in!'
Or, as I did,
' Take me and make me! I am here!'

It's so much fun.
Don't believe me?!
Then I dare you.
You don't know till you try.....

You can always change your mind and turn around~
If its too hard.
Or too scary.

And, honestly, it will be.
But its a good hard.
And a really, really good scary.
I don't lie.
I find it impossible to do so.
Don't you want to say that?!
Don't you want to be here?!
Don't you want to see how far you can go, how many you can touch, and just how full your life can be?
It's yours; the one for which you were designed.

Let Him start chipping.
It's amazing.

And, if you ask, I'll tell you morewww.pbsartist.com.
You can come pick up each shard, chip and rock that has fallen from my form and ask me about it.
I am anxious to tell.
Their ugly has made me beautiful :)
pbsartist@aol.com 360-239-8081
in love. trish


  1. Wonderful post Trish, very inspiring and I get what you're saying :-)

  2. Wow. Your words are truly His words. Beautifully written. Inspired. Filled with love. The love that's waiting for those willing to dip their toe...

  3. He's got that chisel on me too. :)