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Random babbling on the creative spirit~painting, sewing, baking, boys, an irresistable God and the next 200 feet~

Monday, November 21, 2011

hands and feet

Jesus promises that when we step out to be the hands and feet, he will go with us.

I am stepping.
I leave in a few rapidly-approaching hours for a short trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
Not the PV Americans visit on summer vacation trips with family.
Not PV of beaches and surf and sand.
I leave for PV of poverty~
of native villages and groups of women waking each day, the only desire in their heart that of one to feed their children's empty bellies.
So out of my element.
And, so necessary and desired~
to be thrust into the unknown and faithfully continue stepping into whatever it brings....
to be the hands and feet.

I may return unchanged~
unaffected by the lifestyle I have a front row seat to~
the daily living so desperately contrary to that of the American way, even the American impoverished....

But I will have touched someone.
I will have stepped into one life.
I will have been the 'just what I needed right now' hands and feet for at least one woman.

And, this is why I go.
Despite fears.
Despite lack of....(insert any number of 'thing' here)
Despite not knowing enough....(saa...)

Jesus calls faithful believers to listen to his voice.
And, to go to those in need.
And, to be his hands and feet.

If nothing else I am obeying.
And in this, I am blessed.
And, its' not even about me!~
I get the selfish blessing nonetheless.
What a wonderful way God works his world....
in love. I depart. trish


  1. What an adventure the Lord is stepping you into... Just think, you get to go and "partner" with the Lord in touching people's lives! Be encouraged that you don't need to know anymore than you already do in order to usher in His presence and impact hearts. Just lean into Him, as He works best through our weakness. Go bless and be blessed!
    With a prayer,

  2. You are indeed a blessing and blessed. Thank-you for sharing so openly your journey of faith. You continue to inspire me and motivate me everyday and I am grateful for you! Prayers of all kinds being poured out over you in your travels.

  3. You will not return unchanged. Altho' I like you just the way you are. Blessings...
    (subrudon = Sue Donaldson)