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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What's it really mean to dream? II

This is one in a series of posts in which Trish attempts to dissect the purpose and meaning of dreaming; of looking beyond what is to what if~
Working my way towards the answer myself....and here's the first dream I put on paper before me~

Back to my original post, my intent from the start of this search and query.

I'm risking.
I'm tossing my dreams out there.
Not to get responses. Not to hear the naysayers-neither the

I'm dreaming in pen and ink so I can see it
so I can live it
And so I can be it.

I'm tossing my dreams out there.
out here.

'My first dream that's bigger than myself, feels presumptuous to write down, and it totally crazy-unfit for who I've ever been~'

'We should each be mentored, and mentoring. It is through connection and sharing of our mistakes, successes, triumphs and tragedies that we help the next move into their own place'

my first of three dreams:
bigger than I am
more than I can picture
Trish from past
embracing in Trish of future.
but still
a dream.
so there.
If it is bigger than me,
than my past can confess to
or my present support
then it is a dream.
and dreams are possible
in my world
because they come from
a place bigger than me!

my first 'put it out there dream'...

to be mentoring
(12 people)
within two years.

I don't know how.
I don't know what capacity.
I don't know who.
But I want to do this.
To see my passion,
my inspiration,
inspire others.

I have lived almost
46 years.
All these years can't be
stored up,
The first of my big dreams.
my first 'write it in black and white dream'
Now that wasn't so hard was it?.....

in love.trish

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