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Random babbling on the creative spirit~painting, sewing, baking, boys, an irresistable God and the next 200 feet~

Friday, October 9, 2009

i don't know what to say

At first I was going to fill this space with an extended diatribe about how I just couldn't find anything to write about-making it seem that there is nothing in my days-there is no fun or simple happening-to report. Then I sat and thought for a moment-realizing this just isn't right. Yet, my pen has been silent; unable to scribe any logical musing for many days.
This is not to say there is a lack of happenings-in actuality, it is the opposite. Quite simply, the musings lack an outlet through which to flow because the reverie of things happening around me has taken over. Big things, grand things, expanding things dominate my days. So big are these happenings that it is all I can do to pause and realize what is sparkling and flaming around me.
I don't wear rose colored glasses: I still see the not so easy happenings there in my moments. But I am learning to accept that the not so fun things have to happen in this place of my days as well. They help to highlight the oh-so-wonderful happenings that often follow on the heels of this hard growth and change. So it must be duly noted that much of these big things, are good-oh so lusciously-yummy good! I think I must even go so far as to peg them awesome-in the truest definition of the word.
While these grand happenings can not find expression on the page right now, they will come to reside in this space soon. In the interim, they must roll around, feel the warmth of the sun and the softness of the space and simply enjoy the sense of being, before they say hello to the world at large.
So there it is-to all of you who have followed along in my pain, angst and deep ache of change, growth and new living this summer, the flip side exists. I knew it was there. I held onto faith that there existed a silver lining in the ALL of this summer. Turning to heaven in thanksgiving for the grace bestowed hardly seems enough. I'll simply roll around in it a bit more, be ready to make the right moves when the inevitable change and potential angst rears its head once again, and pray that this form of thanksgiving is enough. Wow what a life.
In hopes that everyone recognizes their own grace filled days as I have-in love. trish.

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