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Friday, October 23, 2009

forging a career

My mom is living a second momhood! A few weeks ago I introduced you to my dad: His generosity, his influence, his love. My mom was absent from that diatribe for two reasons: They function very differently in my life, and she doesn't do household repairs :)
My mom has been my replacement on the homefront as I move to make traveling and teaching my career. It couldn't be done without her. When, last spring I jumped full force into the pursuit of teaching and speaking as my fulltime career path, I did it somewhat blind. I had no idea if the demand for my skills was out there in the art world. I had no idea if my book would create enough stir to put me on venues' radar to speak for their groups. I hadn't a clue if I could pull off flying and shipping all the supplies I provide for encaustic workshops. I had no incling as to how I would care for Patrick in my absence. Jumping full force pays off when it is true to ones' passion:)
In just five quick months I have seven workshops scheduled throughout the US. One speaking engagement, a pack-and-fly workshop successfully under my belt, endorsment and support from art product suppliers, a way to pack and teach that allows me minimal shipping charges and TA-DA! care for Patrick!
My mom stepped up big time to offer her momness in my absence. A role I am quite sure she didn't ascribe to when planning her retirement days! Twice now she has packed herself up-breakfast supplies and all-moved into my bedroom-extra layers for my cold house-and settled herself into the care of Patrick. He eats better when she's here. Or at least, he eats more variety! :)
I can make it through an entire workshop without worrying over his well being; a feat not met in days past! I trust that my mom is keeping herself busy and finding some sort of entertainment from the assortment of differentness at my house~she has been a Godsend. Again, a wonderful blessing unrecognized when they chose to move here from California a year ago! God works in mysterious ways....and it all works out~
She has said she has fun. That she is here for me when I again need it. That I can count on this reliable and safe care for Patick as I continue on my journey into this life. I am blessed. And, mom? January 26-February 4 :) in love. trish.

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