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Monday, July 19, 2010

so I made a wish

I need new luggage. Stuff to pack my clothes into that doesn't have wax debris in it. Stuff to pack my art materials into that will withstand the inquisitive search from TSA agents who can't conceive of why wax and skillets and heat guns are packed into a suitcase. Stuff that is durable and tough and lightweight and easy to maneuver!
So I entered a contest. I don't do that; enter contests, or answer radio call ins or fill out online forms to win~This one was specific to my needs though, and it was in the back of the Southwest Airlines Spirit magazine. With five hours in front of me before my arrival in Baltimore, I thought it would behoove me to fill it out and send it in.
I didn't win. And, I assume someone else took the prize :) I envy this mysterious person from somewhere in this great U S of A. I imagine it could even be someone I've sat next to when traveling to Ohio, or North Carolina, or Michigan....
I'm choosing to return to not entering contests, or filling in online forms to win or answering radio call ins. It is the safer side of reason to do this; the anticipation and potential 'what if' that ran through my head in the past month was too much for me. I much prefer my life's 'what ifs'; those created in the stepping one foot in front of the other on this enraptured path called daily living! These 'what ifs' may be filled with just as much unanswerable question, but they are directed from one who can see much further than the contest entry box with my little card tumbling about....
So my wish goes unanswered and I am okay with that! Admitting to the silly anticipation and excitement aside....
It was definitely not the most logical route to having it answered afterall!...but it just seemed serendipitous at the time; silly Trish-girl :)
It has served a purpose though in that I find I'm asking my inner self a question as a result of this wishing and not receiving: Was it truly a wish that needed answering?! Sure it would be lovely to not break my back hauling my American Tourister hard sided jumbo case from the carousel, feeling like an indigent with an ancient bumbling relic from the past...It would be delightful to never again open my clothing to another inspection sticker because I had to pack a skillet in with my pajamas since the aforementioned case was too heavy to pass through inspection with it within.
And, I do have a pretty pink carry on that holds my clothing nicely after all. Even though it's traveled the continent so many times that the 'pretty' is a little closer to 'garish' and the tear in the back from a determined TSA agent's handling help me to identify it straight away on the luggage conveyor...
Yet, a matching set of carryon, super sized checkable and medium provision sized luggage would be so delicious.....What a treat to be able to lift the large case in its empty state and not believe it's already full of supplies because it was born in neanderthal days before lightweight materials were discovered by modern man. Or to see my pink bag snugly ensconced overhead rather than forced to fall to the whim of TSA because I had to check it as it was used for supply storage....
My heart beats faster as I imagine this scenario....I smile in simple pleasure; envisioning myself descending the airport shuttle at SeaTac with matching, neatly contained cases.
Oh the silly joy of it! You'd think I'd pined for a new ballgown or breathtaking bauble. But no, life living lately has brought even more to the forefront my desire for simplicity, economy and the sheer delight of practicality; give me a suitcase and call me Cinderella~glass slippers would just be melted down to replace the cracked pane in the bathroom :)
And in the meantime, I fly to Phoenix in two weeks. I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for someone with a little lighter step and satisfied smile; and check out their luggage collection for that 'new' shine of a winner contest entrant:). And maybe make a 'wish list' to tuck into the back of my nightstand and dream over in months to come....one can never tell what happens when wishes are wished and dreams are released~ in love. trish


  1. Hi Trish, I am a huge fan of Ross stores for my luggage needs. They have a variety of luggage - even in distinctively not black colors. You can find good name brands for a whole lot less. SO if TSA trashes your "good" bag, you won't be so sad.

  2. I am a great fan the Samsonite 360 line. Once you go to four wheels on a piece of luggage, you never return to those two wheelers!

    Like Stephfour said, Ross has great luggage. However, Goodwill and Salvation Army get regular donations of all kinds of luggage. If you do not care if the luggage gets trashed, it would probably hurt less if it cost you less than $20 in the first place. =)

    I bought a piece of luggage at a garage sale for $10. It got greatly abused all the way home. It was trashed, literally, when it was emptied. All for $10, it took me over 4000 air miles. Not bad!

    Best advice: if you decide to buy new (or even used), ALWAYS check the luggage when you get it off the carousel. My waiting until my hotel room (two hours from airport) cost me a new luggage because the one I checked would no longer close. If I had put in a claim to the airline upon taking the bag off the carousel, I could have gotten a new bag free. Also, if you buy new, file the brand tags and dated receipt. Right now, having saved those from November, 2009, might save me some cash.

    Wish away!

  3. What awesome advice! Stephfour: I haven't been to Ross in decades and will check them out again; thank you! Angeline, key points I will take to heart and thank you for 'going before me' in the lessons :) My hard sided American Tourister is from Goodwill :) it just weighs a TON and therefore diminishes my ability to really fill it due to weigh restrictions. boo.

  4. I'm traveling from Canada to Phoenix in a week and a half -- and I'm hoping to buy a new suitcase there -- and I think that I remember that there is a Ross right near the hotel. WooHoo! See you in class!