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Random babbling on the creative spirit~painting, sewing, baking, boys, an irresistable God and the next 200 feet~

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Artiscape, spring and looking to summer

Artiscape was another rousing success and I again thrilled at the opportunity to share time and spirits with the wonderful art enthusiasts who graced my workshop door. One participant generously included me in her blog post and I can't sum it up any better; take a look-

Spring is descending in the Northwest and it finds me with the studio windows and doors wide open as I invest time in meeting the second book deadlines, painting in a series that has called to me, and experimenting with new ideas that were gleaned at Artfest and Artiscape. One inspiration in particular set goosebumps going-a display at the marketplace vending at Artiscape. So wonderful was the inspiration, and resulting conversation with the vendor, that I will be traveling to her shop and studio in 2011 to offer encaustic inspirations to eager participants in North Carolina! Date as yet to be set, but check out her shop and spirit at www.randomartsnow.com. The work resulting from her inspiration will follow shortly :)

I am long overdue in posting new work! I will get on it in the days to come; I am busy trying to 'finish' it (am I ever finished?!) and submit it to CPS so you have to wait for seconds!....

That leaves me looking into summer. A surprise that's been being planned will be announced soon-probably next week!-but aside from this, I am really looking forward to Jerry's Artarama next month (www.jerrysartevents.com) then really jazzed to take a long road trip to Medford, Oregon (roguegallery.org)then on to Mendocino (http://mendocinoartcenter.org/PSS_Cart.54.LassoApp?category=189&feature2=Summer&skip=10). It will be a new experience at Medford, but this is my fourth trip to Mendocino Art Center and each time thrills me to be back! Would love to see some familiar faces at the 'advanced' day on July 3rd! Come indulge :)

Looking forward to a lot of blessings and smiles throughout the warm weather. What with the second book photo shoot on the far end, and opening with new venue visits, a change on the home front and a first time trip to the International Encaustic Conference, I think I'm slated for an exciting, prosperous few months. in love. trish

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  1. That is so great! Love that she shared. I want your DVD sooooo bad!!! Splurged on the book, now I must save for the DVD. Some day.... some day...

    I truly appreciate your sharing attitude when it comes to art. I love that you are open to teaching others. Art is definitely for sharing in every way.