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Sunday, August 28, 2011

sometimes we just need this~

Thank you~in love. trish

I had a great time! The workshop exceeded my expectations....energy,content,inspiration, stimulation etc. What a great group we had too----I hated to say goodbye! 

did you know you have this magical ability to make people (me in particular) feel good and super duper inspired? That's a wonderful thing! A true gift. 


Thank you so much for teaching the encaustic with plaster class, it was so much fun!  My son is in the Army and left for Afghanistan on Thursday evening, so your class on Friday was the best cure for the blues I could possibly have asked for!  It kept my mind and body distracted and helped me get through one of the most difficult days of my life. Those paintings will always have a very special meaning to me.
Thanks again, that was my favorite class at Artfest!

Thank you so much for a fabulous class.  That's the second class I've taken from you, and you are still a "10!"

You are an excellent teacher and I very much enjoyed the Plaster &
Encaustic class at Artfest.  After 4 years since my last attending, I went home rejuvenated and possessing new skills that will definitely improve my art products. I produced the most finished products in your class and was thrilled with the results of my efforts. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I look forward to keeping up with your continued success.....and I know you will bring "artjoy" to many people in the future.  
pam erickson

. Not only have you put this workshop together, but your wonderful, unique and special energy has drawn together a fantastic group of teachers and eager students. I hope this is only one of many; and we get to say we were there when it all began. :-D

I truly enjoy your work and have learned a lot from watching your videos. Don’t know if enough people say thanks, but let me take the time to do that. You have helped this newbie find the courage to jump right in!

Encausticamp was so inspiring!! My mind is a-whirl with ideas. Thank you so much, Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch, for all your work to bring this together. You have profoundly impacted my life.
You have been such a great inspiration and so has my life changed----have worked in the studio everyday since the Monday post EC

I just got you new book, and absolutely LOVE it!! Combined with your first one, I have a wonderful resource to work with :) Your work inspires me to let go and just "Do It"!! I'm donating 3 encaustic pieces to an Arts Council fundraiser this week, and was wondering... If I incised and glazed with an oil stick, then lightly fused, will the glazing hold up to repeated buffing of the surface later on...? Thanks so much Patricia!!

Today was a cool, damp, gloomy day here in Michigan -- a great day to read your
new book -- so I did!  It is fabulous!  I read every page, looked at every
picture and just as quick as I can finish a couple of projects I have going, I
am going to heat me some wax.  Your book was a huge inspiration, provided great
instruction on all the techniques and was very easy to get through.  Very nicely
done.  I do have two questions.  What type of fire retardant material do you use
for your burning steps?  And, what kind of childhood did you have that led to
this pyromania that you seem to be all consumed with?  Just curious.  ;-)

It is truly inspirational. I can't imagine what it's like to pull a project together like writing a book with everything associated with it. Good for you.

I am impressed with your attitude and energy. And I love your FB inspirational/spiritual posts. I look forward to them.
Thank you

What a beautiful thing, and your writing of it is just as amazing! You are such a teacher in every way. I am so glad I was able to meet you at Inspired this year, and now follow your blog regularly!

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