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Random babbling on the creative spirit~painting, sewing, baking, boys, an irresistable God and the next 200 feet~

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

gifts from far, far away!

I received this delicious package (okay, I overuse that word for my art and supplies (and husband :)! but, it's just SO true!) in the mail a few days ago~From Tasmania! Is that the coolest!?
All these (delicious!) goodies were contained within~that small, tantilizing package held all this!
I get to do whatever I want to finish and play with this one; the pages are wonderfully gesso'ed fabric just begging me to scrib and scratch and yes! apply wax to them~

Trace Willans (http://www.soewnearth.com) is a new friend. It's odd to identify someone as a friend when we have yet to make face to face contact, but the internet, Facebook, twitter and the wonderful world of blogging have drawn us together in the like-minded world of art and creativity~that, and the fact that she happened upon the coolness that I was coming her way and teaching in Australia next year! Not only do I have the pleasure of Trace's company in one of my workshops, she's also going to be in an indulgent time I decided to invest in for myself as well (yes, Trace! I believe you're going to be able to be there!) a Dorothy Caldwell workshop in Brisbane :) Here's to new friends! And the cursed blessings-blessed cursing?-the internet and all the opportunities it offers in discovery and connection with the world~

This little nugget shows just some of what Trace does. Her art has been able textile, and clay and dying. These wool pieces have been dyed and overdyed and the buttons are her creations (I'm not doing her creative process nearly the justic they command! I hope to understand and articulate them better after next spring :)

We are collaborating on this one! An accordian style book with the most delicious! binding and lots of lovely, texture in the plaster pages~She and I are speaking something of the same language in our art and I am more than excited in anticipating just what we will pull off with this project!
LOVE the return address :) Made Patrick say 'cool'-worth it just for that alone!
in love. trish

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  1. Now that looks like it's going to be one fun collaboration! That stitching is tantalizing and inspiring. Lucky girl!
    xoxo Kim