A random babbling on creative spirits-

Random babbling on the creative spirit~painting, sewing, baking, boys, an irresistable God and the next 200 feet~

Friday, July 15, 2011

encausticamp day 2 begins!

Day two begins:
Almost 5 hours of sleep. A wonderfully satisfying Q&A last night and a look at participants work so far had shut-eye hard in coming!
But it’s good.
There’s no other way to be.
At this moment, in this morning, this is just the place I need to be.
And I am-thank you God.

Day 1 concludes:
No tripped breakers; wow.
No allergic reactions to food; hallelujah.
No one lost anymore (welcome Anna and Roxanne!); whew.
All workshops closing out with ‘I don’t want to go yet’ comments; wonderful!

The level of expertise and professionalism in the instructors is almost too much to fathom in its wonderfulness 
The depth of eager comprehension, unique talent and genuine gratitude from participants is not to be out measured!
The deliciousness of the food prepared from local sourced berries, handmade bread and custom created courses-with recipes provided for those desiring them-is a bonus and takes the retreat up a notch in comfort, delight and indulgence.
The peaceful atmosphere, serene landscape and beautiful grounds of the campus offer the encaustic-overwhelmed minds a necessary pause in the indulgence-rejuvenating the spirit to pick up the weary body and go get some more~
(And for those able to wander a bit, a treasure trove of inspiration is hidden in the flora and fauna behind the shop - wonderful photographic opportunities at each step!)

Evening 2 anticipated:
Dinner in the quad with the birds splashing in the fountain in the background.
Instructors vending their individual wares that make their craft unique.
Participants indulging in the inspiration of others to continue the flow which we are all here to take our part in.
And rest!
Sleep. Ah.
To being able to shut down for another all too quick refueling.
And awaken to one more glorious day of connecting and sharing and indulging.
Yes, lots and lots of indulging!
It’s just that good.
Another day of being right here, in this moment, just where I need to be.
With just what I have at this time.
To overflow! In love. trish

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  1. sounds so full and wonderful. i am with you all there, in spirit. :) yay!