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Random babbling on the creative spirit~painting, sewing, baking, boys, an irresistable God and the next 200 feet~

Thursday, July 14, 2011

EncaustiCamp day 1

I am at EncaustiCamp….I am at EncaustiCamp!
It’s here-it’s begun…it’s surreal!
I can’t quite fathom that I am the person who got to make this happen. It’s quite amazing really.
Never in my days would I have imagined the capacity to orchestrate this; to command the trust of attendees and instructors; to coordinate the generosity of suppliers and manufacturers; to trust myself enough to keep taking the next, murky, unsure step; was lying deep within this girl who is me!
Within the confines of this ever growing body (sigh) lay the beauty and strength, integrity and grit, to follow a bigger-than-life dream to fruition.
I’m doing it.
And, as I begin day one in the not-yet-sunrise, full-moon morning, before the first full-in-the-wax day has even yet begun, I find myself looking forward to doing it all again!
Feels a bit crazy….
No, feels a lot crazy!
And, yet not.
Perhaps it’s the 5 swift hours of scattered dream filled sleep.
Or the sore throat from too much talking at the welcome last evening.
Or maybe the result of too much sugar from the amazing desserts brought by attendees for last nights’ kick-off…whatever the source, I am full-on present to the amazing energy of this day and the potential that is bouncing on its toes, excitedly twisting and twitching with heart racing just the other side of the closed doors; standing at the ready- to explode into the absolute goodness that is begging to flow!

Tripped circuits?-undoubtedly.
Absolute delight in the menu offerings?-not a chance.
Tremendous satisfaction with the dorm accommodations?-no way!
Thrill at every moment of learning by everyone?-a pipe dream.
Unqualified joy at the close of this retreat at having been a part of the first annual!, inaugural!, premier!, ‘guiney pig’ event? I hope beyond hope; yes. Yes! That everyone answers yes!!!
It is that good. I want it to be that good for everyone.
I can do this, and hope for this, because I have been equipped. I can because each unpredicted, unsure, seemingly unstable step I’ve taken has led to this.
And, I can because I have a partner that picks up the slack when I overstep my abilities and stretch too far.
Exceedingly and abundantly. Blessed. In love. trish

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  1. Oh my goodness, how I wish that I could be there. Inspired seems like it is a hundred years ago and I crave being in that kind of setting again! If this is the "Inaugural" that would make one think there is hope for a repeat? Maybe next year when I didn't just spend a fortune at Inspired and a week of hubby's vacation. Maybe I can come sling wax with a group of wax slingers. Love that idea. Hmm, I will have to pay attention to see what second annual might look like...