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Random babbling on the creative spirit~painting, sewing, baking, boys, an irresistable God and the next 200 feet~

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

now find it

each disciple should check within themselves to see if they have a low-burning pilot light or a blazing fire.

So what of this life right now? What of this moment by moment living we are called to walk in? Is it enough to simply have this confidence of life eternal and coast through the days here on earth until we reach the end of the ride and get off in the heaven we've been promised? Is that what we're here for? Is this enough for the souls, hearts and bodies designed in the likeness of the one who created all? Is this enough of an experience to shine this love that out shines all love?
Coasting can be so boring. Coasting can be safe and comfortable and feel secure, but it is oh so not enough. Turn up the heat; ignite the pilot light and come along~

Coasting may lead to the same end; we will all meet at the exit gate. But the ride is hardly enlivening or exciting neither is it anything we are well equiped to experience. It does not carry any depth of connection, growth or wisdom. It can offer no passing-along of love and life; it affords us not a bit of the sharing we've been designed to live in.
We need, nay are designed to go after, the ride! We are here to experience the ins and out, ups and downs, turns and straightaways that this ride provides. The heights are needed-craved after-even, in spite of the fact that, the climb feels crippling and the descent all pervading. Oh those heights are affirming and convicting! Yet, only because the descent is so wisdom-filled and self actualizing. We just can't have the one without the other. And this is why some choose to simply remain in the confidence of eternal and sit alongside the ride watching and waiting. But this is not enough. Not for anyone who has been called and is truly listening. When you choose to live in and accept this reality, the descents and the climbs are welcome-even anticipated and relished-albeit painfully and with resistance. Why? How you ask? Because the wisdom is so good. Oh so good. Better than the best of anything you have touched or felt or spoken or heard. Even in the depths of the descent, even in the weary, often tear-filled, straining of the climb, the wisdom shines bright and bold-righteously carrying us to that great height. Even in the knowing that there will be another dip; another descent; another climb, we welcome each and every bit of the experience because the height is so good that the depth becomes just as much a joy and treasure and peak we will not wish away or pray deliverance from. The one begins to shine bright on the other and all of this life, all of this living and doing mesh together and point back to the all and all that is the salvation we sought. Not just in eternity, but here. and now. life is now. life is forever. life is living. He made it so. We live it so. That good. Find it. in love. trish

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