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Random babbling on the creative spirit~painting, sewing, baking, boys, an irresistable God and the next 200 feet~

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


As we begin the final few months of planning and preparation for Australia departure I find myself asking questions about relevance.

what does it mean to be?
To whom does it matter?
To what group, entity, person or lifestyle am I relevant?

Tough questions to be asking amidst so much change and unknown....
Crawling under the covers seems like a very good idea more frequently than not lately....
(then the sun tickles the horizon and I can't wait to start new ideas in the new day!)
I get lost in a longing,
                   for 'normal'...
(oh how bored I would be!)
I wonder on my desire
to always
          seek to make myself uncomfortable....
(keeping myself on the edge of my seat!)

It makes me look at 'forever' a bit differently.
Such an arbitrary, intangible term;
forcing its way into full consciousness of late~

Forever is unknown.
Forever is scary.
Forever, if we are real,
 is just touching,
     butting up against,
           admitting to the relevance of the present place that is
                right here.

Friends forever.
Live forever.
Love forever.

We say 'we wont be gone forever'
This is not 'forever'

Yet, what if we are?
What if this is?
What if our forever is tied up,
          packaged and sent,
here in this decision?
What if what I do,
     what you do,
is your forever?

It is a question to ask oneself 
at every decision,
at every chance,
at all opportunity.

If this is my forever,
     will I want it to look like this!?

If this is my forever,
of what significance is it?
And, if this is my forever,
is it relevant to my 'forever'?

We do not live forever.
We are not on this planet forever.
We do not stay the same forever.

What will I leave behind?
What is my legacy for the forever that continues without me?
What is my relevance?
Can you ask that? 
Can you listen to the answer?

We all possess it;
The covers will be there again tonight.
Just leave me my share :)
in love. trish.

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