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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Encaustic Mixed Media: Innovative Surfaces and Techniques for working in wax

Ready, set, go! Lucky me lucky me! I got to write a second encaustic book and am thrilled to be seeing it coming to life! Due out in August, Encaustic Mixed Media is an indulgence in everything I've been putting my hand to since Encaustic Workshop hit the shelves in February of 2009. Delving into the hardware store, art supply, craft and thrift stores with eyes wide open to possibilities, this book offered me the opportunity to dispel 'no's' and prove the 'yes's' in encaustic rule! Look forward to posts in the coming weeks highlighting the mixed media products and techniques developed for Encaustic Mixed Media~things from plaster and tar to panpastel and wood icing, nothing is left untouched and unincorporated :) in love. trish
a few of the mixed media product contibutors:
gauche alchemy
judy's stonehouse design
environmental technologies
stamping bella
stencil girl products


  1. Congratulations! I am excited to read this!



  2. Hey Trish: Congratulations on the new book! We are so looking forward to having you here again to teach in May. See you soon! - Sharon DiGiulio, Jerry's Artarama

  3. I am practically drooling on my computer! Your first book inspired me to really get rolling and let loose in encaustics and you continue to inspire me!

  4. I learned so much from your first book as I was just starting in Encaustic painting. Can't wait for the 2nd. Hope you have them at the Retreat in Portland.

  5. Congratulations! Love your book and DVD.....looking forward to this new one!

  6. Thanks all! Can't wait to get it out there!!!!

  7. Yippie!!! Your first book was so inspiring to me! Just looked for it on Amazon, trying to pre-order. Not there yet. I'll keep looking! I'm so happy for you!!!

  8. It just went to 'prepress' yesterday, so it will be another month or so before it hits preorder status :)

  9. I love your first book, a great inspiration and learning tool for beginners. Looking forward to your second book. Cant wait til July 13th. xxx

  10. Congrats on your second book!! How exciting! I really do not know much about encaustics, but I am so intrigued. I did see a pin made by Crystal N. in person and it was really amazing. Looking forward to your book when it comes out late this summer.

  11. I bought ur book on Encautic Mixed Media 5 months ago and have spent alot of money gathering all materials, but I have questions. 1.What type of of beads were used on the picture on page 7? 2. Propane gas actually terrifies me, I opted to used the Berzomatic Micro size, mediem, & lge one for bigger pictures. But they all use butane where I live, is that a problem? 3.Also, do you where long sleeves, gloves, or goggles ever when u r using the torch? I luv ur book, I have ptsd & I hopingfor agoodoutcome.

  12. there was an option to put an email but if I do that will it go to the whole world or just to you?