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Random babbling on the creative spirit~painting, sewing, baking, boys, an irresistable God and the next 200 feet~

Thursday, March 17, 2011

packing the right bags~

As I dig into packing up my bags for ArtFest 2011, a trip to NAMTA in Phoenix, and on the heals of both of these, three weeks away from home teaching in North Carolina and southern California, I find myself contemplating what I am packing.
Not so much, this time, whether I have enough wax, the oil sticks aren't too gross to share, if I have ample supply of razor blades, collage papers and sample image transfers.
But rather, I find myself looking to my other bags. You know the ones...where I've packed inspiration, excitement, encouragement and enlightenment. What of these bags? Have I filled the proper proportions of delight? A large enough dose of enthusiasm? Ample life-touching connection? Have I thrown in an extra supply of blessings? Do I feel assured that plenty of generosity is spilling out of my luggage and that overflowing graciousness and patience are tucked into the side pockets?
I find myself being less and less concerned this year with packing enough wax, as I am with packing enough inspiration. And it feels good.

I find myself awake in anticipation of the coming workshop not with the dreaded thought of 'will they like me and have I brought enough stuff?' but of excited thoughts of 'how will I touch this group and what will be the outcome?!'
As I move further into this 2011 schedule, daring a bit more to trust the path I am on, challenged to have faith that the desires of my heart can be made manifest in this route, persevering through the process-knowing that God has a purpose for my passion that far exceeds anything I can foresee for it, I am convicted to boldly pack in extra supplies of trust, gratitude and delight specifically for the sharing. I find these to be so easy to dole out and never grieve their supply running low as I have my baggage filled supplies of past; I have plenty in reserve and am finding that the more I pack to share, the more I have to pack and share!

The packing of these bags brings so much more peace and anticipation; much better than the worry that came from consternating over whether I had too many palettes and not enough heat guns! So much lighter than the fear of leaving the incising tools sitting on the studio floor....

And with these bags there is an added bonus; I do not have to wonder what TSA will do with them or if they meet the weight requirements for checking!

Delighting in carrying inspiration and loosing the worry of preparedness of product has freed me to engage more thoroughly; and to this I say, I've packed the right bags....and may just take on extras-they are so very light and easy to manage after all!
:) in love. trish.


  1. I couldn't agree more - quite moving and inspiring to take more bags the next time I travel!

  2. Was the 2nd photo of the baggage tower taken at Sacramento International Airport?

  3. oh this makes me even more excited to take your class at Artfest! As a first timer...I've been worried about bringing the right supplies & enough of them...but your post allows me to just relax & know that it will all work out perfectly! :)